Dana Carsley

Dana began dancing at Nanci Moretti’s dance school 25 years ago. She studied ballet, tap, and jazz, and has worked as a dance teacher and choreographer for the past 10 years. Her expertise lies in teaching hip hop, tap, and jazz to children of all ages, as well as ballet for young children. In addition to consistently teaching at Nanci’s studio, Dana also employed her dance teaching in other venues such as high school fashion shows, summer camps, and birthday parties.

In 2012, Dana graduated from McGill with a Bachelor in Education. Teaching dance has enabled her to develop her skills while combining both her passions for dance and education. Currently, Dana is pursuing her doctorate in Educational Psychology, which includes a focus on arts-based approaches to support students’ mental health in educational settings. Her strong association to teaching through the arts is built on the idea that the commitment, expression, ability and enjoyment that radiates in the dance studio should also translate to the typical school setting. She is looking forward to another wonderful year of dance with her students!

Dance teacher profile - Dana Carsley